Grade A 500g (1,15 lbs)
and more
Grade B between 425g and 500g (1 lbs and 1,15 lbs)
Single packed
20 pcs per box
11 kg (25 lbs)/bte (random weight)
14 days
Foie gras
The golden color of the corn can be seen in our nice and firm foie gras of high quality.
375g (0,82 lbs) and more Twin packed
20 magrets per box
9 kg (20 lbs)/box (random weight)
3 weeks
Magret (breasts)
Only the breast coming from a duck that produced foie gras can be called «magret».
Around 400g (1 lbs) per leg Four per packs
32 legs/box
13 kg (30 lbs)/box (random weight)
3 weeks
Excellent for confit.

Products Description

Magret : The name “magret” is reserved for the breast that comes from a duck that produced foie gras. The magret is a red meat that is usually cooked whole. It is first seared in a pan and finished up in the oven. The magret can also be hot smoked or dry cured and cold smoked to make an excellent duck prosciutto.

Legs : The legs are usually served confit. This way of cooking the legs gives them an extraordinary taste. The legs are covered with coarse salt and spices for about 24 hours and then slowly cooked in duck fat for a few hours.

Rendered duck fat : Duck fat is renowned for its exceptional flavor and also for its nutritional quality. Many great chefs do not hesitate to use duck fat instead of butter or even olive oil. In fact, dieticians often compare duck fat to olive oil for their nutritional value.