Knowlton (Quebec) Canada
J0E 1V0
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Production Details

Aux Champs d'Élisé rears mullard ducks, which is a hybrid between the Peking and the Muscovy ducks, for the foie gras production. Only males are used because they give a bigger and better quality product.

A total of 14 weeks are needed for the production of foie gras, from which the last 2 weeks are devoted exclusively to the feeding process. This operation is made in modern buildings with sophisticated equipment that are far from some 19th century methods that gave a bad reputation to feeding. As mentioned earlier, feeding is only the re-enactment of a natural phenomenon, which is the over-feeding of migratory birds before migration.

Even though Aux Champs d'Élisé produces foie gras on a large scale, some aspects of production have been preserved over the years. Indeed, a group of ducks is given to a feeder who will feed "his" ducks twice a day for 14 days. The feeder will adjust the feeding process to the particularities of each subject, which means that the feeder adapts himself to the ducks instead of the other way around. Many little details like this make the foie gras of Aux Champs d'Élisé very similar, taste-wise and texture-wise, to the foie gras that is produced on a smaller scale on little farms in the French countryside. Despite its size, Aux Champs d'Élisé still has a "terroir" aspect, which it is very proud of.

All the ducks on Aux Champs d'Élisé’s farm are fed with a mix that is composed exclusively of corn and hot water. They do not eat any animal fat or by-products, and they do not absorb any antibiotics or hormones.