Mousse de foie gras

It is made with a minimum of 50% de foie gras.

454g (1 lbs)
per roll


130g (4,7 oz)
per jar

12 rolls/box
5,5 kg (12 lbs)/box

12 jars/box
1,56kg (3,43 lbs)/box

3 months

6 months

Terrine de foie gras

Pieces of a 100% pure foie gras, marinated in Port wine and then cooked in the jar.

130g (4,7 oz) per jar 12 jars/boîte
1,56kg (3,43 lbs)/box
6 months
Foie gras torchon style

100% whole foie gras marinated in Port wine and then steam cooked to keep as much flavor as possible.

500g (1 lbs) per torchon 12 torchons/box
6kg (13,23 lbs)/box
6 months
Dry cured and smoked magret (whole)

Dry cured for 2 weeks and smoked with maple wood, that is the secret if this extraordinary product.

approx. 300g (0,66 lbs)per magret   45 days
Dry cured and smoked magret (sliced)

Once sliced, our dry cured and smoked magret could actually be called a duck prosciutto.

85g (3 oz)/pck 24 pck/box
2,04 kg/box
45 days

Products Description

All our products come from 100% corn fed mulard ducks (mix between Pekin and muscovy ducks).

Foie gras may be cooked in many ways depending on the culinary traditions of each country or region where it is served. Here are the most common ways to serve foie gras:

Pan-seared foie gras : It is simply a slice of foie gras of about 1 cm that is seared in a very hot pan for about 45-60 seconds on each side. With a generous sprinkle of salt and pepper, it can be served with grape or apple sauce and accompanied with a Sauterne or a white Port wine.

Foie gras Torchon style : This traditional recipe consists of taking a whole lobe of foie gras that has been marinated in either Port wine, Armagnac or Sauterne and to steam cook it in a cheese cloth (“torchon”).

Pâté of foie gras : This recipe is the exact same as the Foie gras Torchon style but it is cooked in a jar or in a terrine pot.

Bloc of foie gras : This product is made of at least 90% of blended foie gras. The rest of the ingredients is composed of water and alcohol (Port wine, Armagnac, or Sauterne)

Mousse of foie gras : This product is similar to the Bloc of foie gras, but with only 50% of foie gras. To complete the recipe, regular livers, cream, eggs, and spices are added to the foie gras.